Who is Hungary Missions?

bulletProject Leader: Jerry Byrd
Jerry's first trip to Hungary was just after its independence in 1991. Street crews were taking down the communist street name and proudly replacing them with Hungarian names. He has coordinated, and is coordinating, many projects in Hungary from 1992 to 2018. These have included all types of projects (see types of projects below)
bulletProject Leader: Janice Byrd
Janice participated on the first church-to-church project in 1992, shortly after Hungary gained its independence. She has been enlisting, training and coordinating Language Bible Camps each summer since 2013.
bulletBoard of Directors
bulletDirectors from Hungary
bulletAkos Bukovszky
Baptist Union of Hungary, Head of Department of Foreign Affairs
bulletPeter Barbarics
Baptist Union of Hungary, School Outreach Coordinator
bulletDirectors from the United States
bulletBob Byrd
CPA and Founding Partner of Fox Byrd and Company
bulletJason Byrd
CPA and Managing Director with KPMG
bulletJerry Byrd
Project leader at Hungary Missions
bulletPam Kennedy
Educator and teacher of Hungarian language classes in Texas
bulletJanice Byrd
Project leader at Hungary Missions
bulletOrganizational Structure
bulletHungary Missions is a Texas non-profit corporation
bulletThe United States IRS determination of a 501(c)3 tax-exempt status has been received.  All gifts received by Hungary Missions on or after November 20, 2017 may be deducted as a charitable donation when you file your tax return.
bulletTypes of Projects (comparison chart)
bulletStandard project of about 2 weeks of church-centric evangelism
bulletImpact Missions between/among Europeans
bulletStudent projects connect believing students with those who are far from God
bulletMusic based evangelism
bulletLarge church approach to allow a single church to create a custom international evangelism project
bulletOutbound: Hungarian churches sending their believers to other countries
bulletLanguage Bible camps (www.HungaryCamps.com) during the summer
bullet Hungarian Baptist Union
bullet Missions Europa Network
bullet Hungarian Baptist Aid
bullet CBA Church Network
bullet First McKinney Church

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If you have a question or a concern, please contact Jerry Byrd:
bulletCall: (O) 469-277-9795 or (Mobile) 469-563-2741

Email: Jerry.Byrd@HungaryMissions.com